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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day from Dublin - Day 3

Hello again! We are now in our hotel on the outskirts of Dublin, and we have internet!!! I am so happy to be writing this blog from my own laptop instead of in the internet cafe where the keyboards are different than our US keyboards!

We had an early start this morning with wake up calls at 6:30am! Getting up this early would not have been so bad if the pub outside our window had not been so popular until 2am! Even with earplugs I could hear all of Killarney having fun while I was trying to sleep! Today we had to pack up all of our bags and get on the bus by 8:45 so we could make our way to Dublin. Although most all of us were ready to leave at 8:30 (we have a saying in choir - if you're 15 minutes early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, and if you are late you are toast!), two young men did not receive wake up calls like the rest of us and did not make it to the bus until 9am. Needless to say - they were toast!

Once we got on the road, we had a two hour ride to Blarney Castle. Unfortunately our weather today was not as lovely as our weather yesterday, and it began to rain as we arrived at Blarney Castle. In the rain we all climbed to the top on the castle up very narrow staircases to kiss the Blarney Stone. However, we did not know to kiss the Blarney Stone you had to lay on your back and lean over the side of the castle upside down! Because of the slippery conditions due to the rain most of us opted not to risk our lives to kiss the Blarney Stone. This was probably not much of a loss - I think we already have enough blarney amongst us.

After leaving Blarney, we had another two hour bus ride to Cashel Rock. After spending a few hours at Blarney Castle to see a stone, we were not too excited about going to see a rock. What we did not know is that Cashel Rock is not really a rock, it is actually the site of a fort of Munster and is home to one of the oldest Medieval cathedrals. The best part of the tour of Cashel, however, was our tour guide Denis. All the girls thought he was so cute! (I know someone has a picture of him, so I'll try to add one later!) He was close to the age of the choir members and adapted the tour to highlight things that we would find interesting. The only problem with the tour was that all the buildings were in ruins and did not have ceilings, and it was raining and so windy!

We were drenched and freezing cold by the time we got back on the bus for a three hour drive to our hotel in Dublin. We did not have dinner until 8pm tonight and did not finish dinner until 10pm! We were all so tired because we are still a little jet lagged. Now it's 11:30 and finally bed time! Tomorrow we have our first concert in St. Patrick's Cathedral, and then we are going to see the Book of Kells!

The End. Love, Margaret


Blogger Amanda said...

Happy birthday Margaret!

May 18, 2007 at 4:21 PM  
Blogger Lamar said...

We were at the Rock of Chasel while your choir was there. I have a video clip of you all huddling in the rain and singing, but the sound quality isn't very good.

October 9, 2011 at 5:50 PM  

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